16 Feb 2023 update on unlawful dismissal case against US embassy

This morning (16 Februrary 2023), the KL Industrial Court was packed with supporters, activists, and unionists who came to show solidarity and support for Subramanian in his long battle to seek justice for his unlawful dismissal case 15 years ago. The case was finally heard after going through various technical, legal, and bureaucratic arguments over the years. The case was heard before Court 6 Chairperson, Yang Arif Tuan Amrik Singh.

At the court, the US stated that they have two witnesses: Mr. Christopher George Pixley, who was present, and Mr. Eugene Kim, who arrived from the US this morning. The Counsel for the US Government, Amardeep Singh, said that both their witnesses would strictly limit their testimony on the issue of sovereign immunity only and would not be testifying on matters regarding the Claimant’s dismissal or the merits of the Claimant’s case.

Mr. Christopher George Pixley took the stand and was cross-examined by Claimant lawyer Ragunath Kesavan, but the issues were confined to sovereign immunity and did not go into the discussion on the unlawful dismissal.

The case ended around 10.30 am. The Claimant, Subramaniam Letchimanan, was represented by Ragunath Kesavan, Tai Yong Fung, Joshua Tan, and Ms. Hooisheue Khoo, while the USA was represented by Mr. Amardeep Singh and Ms. Summer Chong.

Tomorrow, two other witnesses will take the stand: Eugene Kim for the US Government, and the Claimant, Subramaniam, is also scheduled to testify.

The court also fixed submissions to be submitted by both parties in a month’s time. The hearing continues tomorrow, 17 February 2023, before Chairperson TA Amrik Singh at 10 am at court 6.

S. Arutchelvan
Deputy Chairperson
Parti Sosialis Malaysia

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