Selangor govt sells out to capitalists with PJD Link revival

The Socialist Party of Malaysia Petaling Jaya (PSM PJ) strongly condemns and firmly opposes the Selangor state government’s decision to revive the construction of the PJD Link highway following the announcement of its cancellation by the Federal government on April 17th.

Looking back at the events leading up to this, from July 30, 2023, when the Selangor Menteri Besar announced the cancellation of the PJD Link highway construction to today when the Selangor State EXCO confirmed new proposals for the PJD Link highway and seems to agree with the improvements, PSM PJ has never seen such a weak state government that fails to take a firm stand.

Is the lobbying for this highway so strong that the state government cannot take a principled stance to reject this highway construction? Residents of Petaling Jaya must take note that a neoliberal government, such as the one we have today, will always make decisions that favor the profits of a few rather than the wishes of the people.

The state government must explain why it is so difficult to permanently cancel this highway project, which is not agreed upon and opposed by the residents around the proposed construction area. Menteri Besar himself once stated that the Selangor state government has received a Social Impact Assessment indicating that most residents do not agree with the construction of this new highway. Why does the government still need to allow for further re-evaluation?

PSM PJ calls for the following actions:

  1. Cancellation of the PJD Link Highway Project and all highway projects that only benefit capitalists and do not prioritize the sustainability of the state of Selangor.
  1. All State Assembly Members (ADUNs) in the affected areas must declare their stance on the highway construction. Residents in the affected areas and community groups who have long opposed the construction of this highway must pressure their ADUNs to take a stand.
  1. The Selangor State Government should disclose and must not classify critical concession agreements that affect the people under the Official Secrets Act 1972 (OSA). The public has the right to know and access the contents of these documents as part of our democratic rights.
  1. The state government must provide a new public transportation plan to reduce traffic congestion and alleviate the economic burden on the people. This plan should focus on the entire Klang Valley, especially Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, and Puchong. The number of buses should be increased, and waiting times for buses should be reduced. The federal government should financially support this initiative if the Selangor State Government does not have the capacity to realize this plan.

PSM stands in solidarity with all community and resident groups in their opposition to the construction of the PJD Link. It is not easy to oppose capitalists and a government that always sides with them. The construction of this highway is a significant contradiction in a nation’s efforts to build an economy and a country that prioritizes environmental issues.

Gandipan Nantha Gopalan
Chairperson, PSM Petaling Jaya.