We endorse the students’ 15 demands

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 OCTOBER 2022: On 19 October 2022, the student movement announced 15 demands addressed to the candidates of the 15th General Election (GE15). Pemuda Sosialis not only supports but was also involved in the process of coming up with the demands. There are a few among them that need to be emphasised.

Firstly, Pemuda Sosialis supports the demand for free higher education for the B40 category and subsidised higher education for the M40 category. Implementing this is important to ensure that B40 and M40 students are more able to seek higher education in order to improve their living standards and contribute to the development of the nation. This demand is also the first step towards free education at all levels for all people.

Besides that, we also support the demand to ensure the social security of interns and gig economy workers. Every person who sells their labour should be entitled to proper compensation to avoid exploitation. This is also necessary to preserve their dignity as labourers who deserve benefits and security as provided in the Employment Act 1955.

Finally, we support the demand for an OKU-inclusive policy. Every person regardless of ability has the right to receive the opportunity to pursue their studies at the tertiary level. This is only possible by ensuring OKU-friendly services and infrastructure are available at higher education institutes. With that, the future government must swiftly prepare a plan to fulfil this demand so that the OKU community is no longer alienated from participating in society.

In conclusion, Pemuda Sosialis supports the initiative taken by the student movement to present their demands to the candidates of GE15. This is a testament to the capability of students to contribute to politics and the development of the nation. With this, we hope that the candidates of GE15 are committed to fulfil the demands of the students for the sake of a Malaysia that cares for the needs of its people.

Education Bureau
Pemuda Sosialis

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