Resolutions of the 21st National Congress of PSM

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Resolutions of the 21st National Congress of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)

14th July 2019, Kajang

1. Rights of Workers –  A guarantee of job security, sufficient income and quality of life for workers:

  • The Government must implement minimum wage of RM1800.
  • Mandatory for every worker to have their weekly days off without being asked to work overtime. Reduce the allowed hours of overtime work per day. Enforce strictly a 8 hours workday rule. In order to reduce work-related health problems, ensure workers have more time and space for rest and recreation.,
  • Government must abolish contracting out permanent jobs via fixed term contracts for workers in governmental premises. They must absorb all related workers into the public service.

2. Housing – The Government must build at least 200,000 units of rent-to-own housing a year, and the prices of affordable housing should be at or below RM100,000 per unit and not RM250,000-RM300,000.

3. Climate Change:

  • The Government must declare Climate Emergency and take immediate measures to address climate crisis.
  • The Government must develop ways to completely eliminate single-use plastics nation-wide.
  • The Government must cease all licenses and approved import permits that allow for waste into the country. Related laws must be revised to ensure zero foreign waste is imported into our country.
  • The Government should establish an independent special commission to investigate the current environmental pollution cases and prepare a report for each issue within three months. Legal and legitimate actions need to be taken against parties  that were responsible.
  • The Government must secure public approval before making developmental decisions that have impact on the environment.

4. Local Government Elections Now! – The Government must restore local government elections by 2021.

5. Public Transportion – The Government must improve the public transport system. These free shuttle services by state governments must  be accessible to urban pioneer communities that were relocated from their villages.

6. Healthcare – The Government must take serious steps to improve the quality of public healthcare services and increase the number of public hospitals for better coverage.

7. Right to Education:

  • The Government should ensure the continuation of teaching of Science and Mathematics subjects in their respective mother tongue languages in vernacular primary schools. There should not be any compulsion to change to English.
  • The Government should ensure all Malaysians are given equal opportunities to pursue higher education in public educational institutions regardless of race or religion, however priority should be given to qualified students from B40 households.

8. Agriculture – The Government must provide ample land for farmers and livestock breeders to ensure the nation reduces food imports and strives for total self -sufficiency for food supplies.

9. Orang Asli – Relocation of our indigenous community has been proven to be detrimental to their health and wellbeing. Thus the government must ensure that their native customary land is gazetted and their rights  protected.

10. Stop Sexual Harrasement and End Homophobia Now!

  • The Government must enact a comprehensive Sexual Harassment Act. Adding protective clauses on sexual harassment into the Employment Act is  insufficient, as sexual harassment can happen anywhere and anytime in any form.
  • The government must take a clear stance to protect those of the LGBTIQ community against any action of hate, violence and discrimination.

11. Affirmative action for the B40:

  • The Government must dump the out dated national poverty line income  and enact a new PLI based on the international standards figure of 60% of the median household income.
  • The Government must take concrete measures to eradicate poverty.
  • The Government must take concrete measures to control the prices of basic goods and ensure the enforcement of price control.
  • The Government must implement a universal pension scheme for all senior citizens.

12. Institutional reforms towards a corruption-free nation:

  • The Government should establish a system of public funding for all political parties, in order to curtail money politics.
  • In line with the fight against corruption and the strengthening public institutions in our country, all top office-holders in all institutions, inclusive of the judges, should declare their assets annually.

13. Citizenship – Grant citizenship to abandoned babies born in Malaysia, but with parents of unknown citizenship.

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