PSM Penang launches People’s Referendum on the 2023 Penang State Election

Press Statement

19 Mei 2023

With the Penang State Election soon to take place, the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) Penang is launching a People’s Referendum to collect views from the voters on the participation of PSM in the Penang State Election and issues that should be given attention during the upcoming Penang State Election.

As a progressive political party that always fights for the ordinary people and determines to build people’s power from below to defend people’s rights collectively, PSM is prepared to offer a new breath to the politics of Malaysia as well as Penang, while continuing to serve the communities and advance the struggle of the marhaen. However, PSM realizes that it is not easy for a small party that does not join any major coalition to win seats in elections. Therefore, PSM Penang would like to get feedback from the voters in Penang on whether PSM should stand in this coming Penang State Election, through a people’s referendum.

The People’s Referendum on the 2023 Penang State Election will be conducted online and offline. For the offline campaign, PSM Penang will go around asking the public to fill in the polling form. While for the online campaign, anyone who would like to express opinions and support PSM to contest in the Penang State Election can fill in the online form here:

The period of the People’s Referendum on the 2023 Penang State Election is from 19th May to 28th June 2023, which is a 6-week period.

Questions asked in the polling form include whether you support PSM contesting in the Penang State Election or not, which State Assembly seat PSM should contest, and issues that need to be highlighted in the coming Penang State Election.

PSM will only put up candidate if the number of voters’ support in a particular State Assembly constituency reaches the target of the minimum number of votes set by PSM Penang.

PSM Penang will be focusing on 3 State Assembly constituencies in Jelutong, with the targeted minimum number of votes in order to put up a candidate as below:

State constituencyTargeted minimum number of votes
N29 Datok Keramat2800
N30 Sungai Pinang3400
N31 Batu Lanchang3300

Although only 3 state constituencies are listed here, voters can also suggest other state constituencies in Penang where PSM should put up candidates.

The targeted minimum number of votes listed here is determined by PSM Penang based on a rough estimation of approximately 10% of the total voters in a particular state constituency. PSM Penang will only contest in the state constituency if we reach this targeted minimum number of votes. PSM Penang will not contest if we are not able to achieve this targeted minimum number of votes in a particular state constituency.

Ahead of the coming Penang State Election, whether contesting or not, depending on the results of the People’s Referendum on the 2023 Penang State Election, PSM Penang would still like to highlight several important demands for any party that is going to form government in the state of Penang to pay attention to. The demands of PSM Penang include:

  • Bring back the local elections in order to allow all the people in Penang to democratically elect the mayor and local councillors in their areas.
  • Develop a policy that guarantees affordable and decent housing for all, and housing should not become a commodity for profit-making by property developers.
  • Establish a better public transport system based on efficient, extensive and accessible public bus network, where such approach is cheaper and faster to realize.
  • Oppose development projects that damage our environment and endanger the health and safety of people. People need sustainable and just development.

At the same time, while doing the People’s Referendum on the 2023 Penang State Election, PSM Penang will also conduct a campaign to call for a Universal Pension Scheme. PSM recently launched a campaign for Universal Pension Scheme, to urge the government to implement immediately a pension of RM500 per month for all Malaysians aged 65 and above who are not receiving any government or private pension. Universal pension for the elderly is one of the important components of comprehensive social protection, which is very much needed now as Malaysia is moving towards an aged society and many Malaysians do not have enough old age savings to survive. A universal pension for the elderly will enable all senior citizens in our country to live through their old age with dignity. You can support the campaign to demand the implementation of a Universal Pension Scheme here at this link:

In addition, PSM Penang also welcomes donations from the public who support our effort to build a new progressive alternative. Donations to the PSM Penang campaign fund can be channelled to the following bank account:

Bank : Hong Leong Bank

Name : Parti Sosialis Malaysia (Baru) Cawangan Bayan Baru

Account number : 17800019335

Released by

Choo Chon Kai
Central Committee Member of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)
and the Spokesperson for PSM Penang

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