Delay of full RM1500 minimum wage implementation is an injustice

I am disappointed by the cowardly move by the so-called pro-B40 government of Anwar Ibrahim delaying the full implementation of a RM1500 minimum wage for workers of small firms. This decision to defer the minimum wage for the poorest workers is totally unacceptable. In May, these workers were promised a minimum wage by January 2023, and employers were given enough leeway to comply.

Now, Anwar’s promise to help the B40 falls flat. The ministers taking a 20% paycut seems to be just a stunt because a minister earning a RM 15k to 20k salary and taking a 20% pay cut is not a big deal when compared to denying poor workers a salary of RM1500. The unity government should subsidize small holders in paying the minimum wage rather than holding their pay for another six months. This is not helping the B40 and it is not promoting an economy for the people.

It looks like former Prime Minister Ismail Sabri and his Human Resource Minister Saravanan at least had more guts in helping the workers.

This is a massive betrayal to the many workers who have been waiting eagerly for January only to hear this news.

RM1500 was a Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan promise in GE14, not even GE15. Now, united together, they follow the wishes of the Malaysian Employers Federation.

PSM and its marhaen will protest this move.

S. Arutchelvan
Deputy Chairperson
Parti Sosialis Malaysia

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