A glimpse at what non-race base politics might look like

Reposted from Murray Hunter’s substack page, with his permission

The Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) leadership sees itself as a left of centre political party. However, today I am not longer sure that the labels “left” and “right” really have the same meaning they did in the middle of last century.

Personally, I see PSM and a humanism based party, always wanting to fight for the marginalized and bullied in society. PSM is more about empowering people, rather than exercising power over people. Socialism was never about empowering people. That’s what PSM ultimately sees as their prime mission in Malaysian society.

The fist on the PSM party flag, I am told gives the younger members great pride. The fist symbolises their struggle. Certainly, in Malaysia the fight for any forms of equality in the neo-feudal society race based politics has perpetuated is a massive struggle.

PSM has identified Malaysia’s greatest problem, a class structure that is dividing society. PSM have a set of policies which they believe will eradicate this and move Malaysia towards a new prosperity.

This provides some hope why the mainstream opposition block, are not articulating any alternative vision for Malaysia, at this point of time.

Here is a video PSM just made telling their own story and what they believe in. This short video is worth watching and thinking about.

I like the cry “Kita lawan. Jike tidak memang, Kita lawan lagi.”

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  1. Foo Wong says:

    Islamaphobia runs in Malaysian politics. It is a mistake to look to the UN.

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