Chepor Impian farmer issue: investigate Perak police role and relationship with developer

PSM would like to thank our supporters and legal team for their hard work in the last one day which ensured the release of all the 8 detained farmers and PSM activists. We thank the Courts for rightfully denying the remand requested by the police. We consider the arrest of the 8 as ‘illegal’ and high handed.

The 8 detained and now ordered released by the courts were 4 farmers from Petani Chepor Impian, (Liew Kook Soon, Liew Yu Lim, Liew Yu Ming dan Liew Yu Tsong) and 4 PSM activists from the Sg Siput branch and Chemor Branches (Agastin Mariasoosai, Kesavan Parwathy, S.Nagenteran and Kavitha Munisamy.)

It is not over yet. The blatant misuse of police powers cannot be washed away or swept under the carpet. The Perak Police from the OCS, OCPD and right up to the CPO needs to be investigated by an independent body. The Perak Police force needs to redeem its tainted image after this shameful incident in Chepor Impian . The following questions need to be answered:

  1. Why was the police not ensuring peace but protecting the developer’s excavator? Who was paying them to do that job?
  2. The developer’s lawyer had already written a letter stating that if the farmers do not vacate the land, they will take them to civil court. But why did the police jump the gun by helping the developer get their vacant land by not going through the court process? Which part of the Police Act defines that as Police work?
  3. Why did the Police assist the private developer who does not have a court order? The CPO, OCPD and OCS say the famers and activists are obstructing police work. Is it police work to protect private developers who come in without a court order?
  4. The police say in their remand request that the 8 people were trespassing. The Police used Section 447 which is an offence of criminal trespass in the penal code. Normally, if someone trespasses on private land, the owner can go for civil trespass. Here, why did the police go overboard in classifying this case under criminal trespass? Why are they assisting the developer using our taxpayer money?
  5. In the courts today, the police officers were complaining to the court that the farmers do not want to take compensation; they do not want to move out even after getting letters from the developers. When did police officers become negotiators and spokespersons for the developer? That is why the Magistrate and the Registrar at the Ipoh court threw this case out.
  6. When PSM and SUARAM lodged a report at the Bukit Aman JIPs (Jabatan Integriti dan Pematuhan Standard) this morning, we were further shocked to learn that the Perak police have classified the 6 police reports lodged by those who were subsequently arrested as ROA (Refer to Other Agency). How come when developers lodge police reports they become Criminal Investigations and when farmers and the Marhaen lodge reports, they become ROA?

    The list can go on. The Perak Police must be relieved of their duties so that an independent body can investigate and so that the truth can come out. The crux of this matter is what is the police interest in the land deal?

Deputy Chairperson
Parti Sosialis Malaysia

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