PSM’s election manifesto for Johor State Election

Parti Sosialis Malaysia will be contesting in the Kota Iskandar State Assembly Seat in the 2022 Johor State Elections. This is the election manifesto for our candidate, Arangkanal Rajoo (also known as Ara). English translations are below the posters.

The first poster lists our three Core Focuses. The second posters lists six local issues we promise to raise in the state assembly, if Ara is elected.

If I win, I will propose these changes:

Focus 1 – Affordable Housing

  • Push the state government and GLCs to focus on housing for citizens.
  • Housing should cost below RM100,000.
  • Control the sales of houses to foreign investors to reduce price speculation.
  • Increase the construction of PPR rental houses for the urban poor B20.

Focus 2 – Reduce Daily Living Cost

  • Focus on the local food industry to increase food security.
  • Open more Government land for food planting.
  • Control the export of food to neighbouring countries.
  • Ensure water supply, healthcare, and utilities are not privatized so that bills will not be burdensome.
  • For the government to increase subsidies to the people instead of foreign corporate companies in Johor.
  • Propose a minimum wage that is on par with cost of living in Dewan Undangan Negeri. A worker’s salary must be able to sustain their basic necessities.

Focus 3 – Employment Generation Scheme

  • Propose an Employment Generation Scheme for Johor citizens that have lost their job. The state government must generate work when the economy is weak. Generate green jobs and improve the economy, for example through forest conservation, seaside and river conservation.
  • Generate jobs through public infrastructure projects; transportation, low-cost houses, health clinics, etc.
  • Increase social workers for B40, OKU, and marginalised communities effectively at a grassroots level.

Based on our 3 Core Focuses, we will raise the following Kota Iskandar issues in Dewan Negeri;


  • Maintenance for low-cost flats must be handled completely by Majlis Bandaraya (PBT).
  • A special state government fund to repair aged low-cost flats.
  • Construction of more PPR rental houses for B20 citizens who cannot afford to rent in Johor.
  • More rent-to-own Schemes.

River and Environment Pollution

  • The state government must invest in recovering and cleaning polluted rivers such as at Sg. Melayu and Sg. Perepat from rubbish, industrial waste, sewer waste, and domestic wastewater .
  • Increase the planting of mangrove trees – Restore the ecology at seashores.

Flash Floods & Infrastructure Upgrades

  • Drainage infrastructure must be maintained and updated more often.
  • Private development projects must follow the detailed EIA procedure so that the developer will be responsible for any negative effects on the environment.


  • The overpopulation of students in SK Kangkar Pulai (2) must be solved immediately. New schools are needed to accommodate the rising population each year.


  • Adequate emergency care and 24-hour Ambulance at Klinik Kesihatan.
  • Hospital facilities upgraded on par with the rising population density.
  • The state government that frequently promotes private hospitals such as KPJ must also ensure government healthcare services are not neglected. Treatment for Johor citizens that cannot afford private healthcare must be of good quality and efficient.

Public Transportation

  • The state government and Majlis Bandaraya (PBT) must provide bus services to improve accessibility for Kota Iskandar citizens without relying on personal vehicles.
  • Bus routes must focus on housing areas for working citizens, low-cost flats, and villages to improve the quality of life of citizens.

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