The plight of workers in hospital support and allied services

MTUC Penang Division extends it’s salutations to the National Union Of Workers In Hospital Support And Allied Services in embarking on a motorcade, from Penang to Putrajaya, in pursuit of their legitimate claims for security of employment and recognition as frontliners in the public health service sector. To undertake such a hazardous road trip speaks volumes of the courage and unwavering commitment of the leadership of the union in their efforts to seek justice for their fellow colleagues.

They are, without any shadow of doubt, true breavehearts! To them our salutations yet again.
Almost all the time those in the corridors of power elect to brush aside the legitimate demands of the marginalised segments of society. But it is heartening that the Minister Of Health, Khairy Jamaluddin took the initiative to meet with the union’s representatives upon their arrival in Putrajaya. Even more significant is his undertaking to seek a comprehensive resolution to the workers’ predicament.

We, in MTUC Penang, believe that Khairy Jamaluddin would endeavour to seek a just solution to the injustice that workers in the hospital support services are facing. It is also our earnest hope that the honourable minister would ensure that the hospital support services workers are absorbed as civil servants under the Ministry Of Health.

On reflection, the current plight of the workers in the hospital support services is a result of privatisation of the said services by the then Barisan National government. Those who were beneficiaries of the privatisation of the hospital support services reaped benefits whilst the workers were conscripted to toil under conditions that may well attract comparison to modern day slavery!

Given the severity of the situation, it is our view, that, the only honourable option for the government is to restore the status quo by absorbing the said workers into the public service scheme of employment.

K. Veeriah
Malaysian Trade Union Congress, Penang Division

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