Think of the many – don’t worry for the few

It is time the people think of the many and don’t worry about the few. It is time we choose political power which will tax the rich and use the money to improve public health care, improve rural infrastructure, building affordable houses and increase the minimum wage.

Oxfam International revealed that Asia’s billionaires have increased their wealth by 74 percent while 148 million others in the region have been pushed into poverty since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The only solution which people are talking about nowadays is about taking out their own EPF savings. We live in such a desperate situation and it is clear that the majority of people are pushed into a corner while the super rich make money and increase their profits.

Every time we talk about increasing the minimum wage, increasing social security of the rakyat, the employers will organise themselves and fight to the teeth to keep wages and welfare benefits low. The current political parties believe in all sorts of obsolete ideas like the trickle-down economics and wonders of the neoliberal policies. In Latin America, one after another government is falling because the problems of the majority are not solved.

It is time that the politicians raise the plight of the majority of the people. While 40% of our economy is controlled by GLCs yet they do not seek to eradicate poverty and bring down the income disparity. They are just there to give fat salaries and ensure a status quo of political support for the elite.

The Oxfam report proposed several solutions like increased taxation on rich individuals and companies and greater investment in public services and social protection. These are exactly the kind of things PSM has been talking about which will help reduce inequality and ensure a better future for the many. Instead of addressing these, our politics and policies are riddled with racial and religious distractions to keep us busy.

S. Arutchelvan
Deputy Chairperson
Parti Sosialis Malaysia
13 January 2022

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