Expedite vote of confidence in parliament


Now that Tan Sri Mahiaddin Yassin has officially resigned it is time to move on. We reiterate our call that a new PM should obtain a vote of confidence in Parliament. This would be the best way to test the majority as well as to clarify whom the MPs actually support. In recent times, the way of choosing a PM through statutory delclarations (SDs) has allowed some MPs to hide behind the secrecy of their choices. Only through an open vote of confidence would the rakyat would know the real choices made by their MPs. It is critical that the vote in parliament is expedited to avoid any further horse trading amongst politicians.

In a likely situation that no one person has a simple majority, we call upon the person who gains the highest vote be allowed to form a Unity Government with the sole agenda to fight Covidand to rebuild the socio-economic well- being of the rakyat. The Unity Government should also fix a date for elections to avoid any attempts to topple the government.

On some key Institutional Reforms which were announced by the outgoing PM, like the anti-hopping law, Undi 18 and limitations of the term of Prime Ministers, it is our belief that these reforms can be confidently tabled in Parliament because both PN and PH seem to support them.

Deputy Chairperson
Parti Sosialis Malaysia

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