Stop deportation of detained migrants to military-ruled Myanmar

The Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) is deeply concerned over the latest plan by the Malaysian government to deport 1,200 Myanmarese migrants who are in detention here. These migrants are to be sent back to their home country despite the uncertain and oppressive situation in Myanmar due to the ongoing military coup since early this month. 

We are deeply concerned that the Malaysian government has agreed to deport 1,200 Myanmarese nationals after the coup government in Myanmar offered to send three navy ships to pick them up.

The Malaysian government’s decision places these migrants in danger as they could face serious threats to their life or freedom. Thus, it is unacceptable to deport them especially when the military dictatorship is in power and the country is in turmoil.

The agreement to repatriate Myanmar nationals to their country at this moment only legitimizes the military government that took power via a coup. The coup forcefully removed the democratically-elected government ending democratic civil rule. The Malaysian Immigration Chief’s claim that it is their ‘usual program’ to deport undocumented migrants back to Myanmar is irresponsible and this ‘usual program’ should be halted immediately.  It is not business as usual under military rule.

In the absence of a democratic civil government in Myanmar now, we are greatly concerned about the safety of these deported migrants, as the current military regime in Myanmar is ruthlessly and brutally suppressing its citizens.

Hence, we call upon the Malaysian Government to:

  • stop deportation of undocumented migrants to Myanmar until a democratically-elected civilian government is restored in the country.
  • ensure no repatriation of asylum seekers;
  • suspend all military, economic and diplomatic cooperation with the Government of Myanmar until a democratically-elected civilian government is restored in the country;
  • play a role as a responsible member state of ASEAN by urging the regional inter-governmental body to suspend Myanmar’s membership of ASEAN until a democratically-elected civilian government is restored in the country.

Released by

Choo Choon Kai
Central Committee Member,
Coordinator of International Bureau,
Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)

17th FEBRUARY 2021

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