Pemuda PSM Profile: Ahmad Yasin

Grassroots work has always been the cornerstone for PSM. Through our many struggles alongside the masses, we gain committed activists who join and strengthen the party. One such person is comrade Yasin, currently the Committee Member for the Education Bureau of Pemuda Sosialis. Get to know him here!

I am Ahmad Yasin, 22 and currently a student.

What drew you to PSM? When did you join the party?
I was first drawn to PSM after joining a foster programme with single mothers from the PPR community that PSM had conducted. I was captivated by how the PSM members that were in the programme with me could interact with the PPR (Program Perumahan Rakyat) community without any attempt to indoctrinate anyone and acted purely due to a concern for the conditions and the struggle of the PPR community.

Why do you think socialism has such a negative reputation among so many people around the world? What do you say to those who discourage you?
I think the negative reputation comes the same way we can have a negative reputation about capitalism. Our perception is formed through other peoples’ telling of a particular concept combined with the way we perceive that concept through a skewed lens. Just as much as I don’t want other people to correct me on my perception that seems wrong to other people, I don’t really think I should be saying much to other people to change their perception.

How familiar are you with Malaysia’s left-wing history? Are there particular leaders you admire?
I started to become familiar with Malaysia’s left-wing history through PSM classes. It was more of an alternative way to look at history through the leftist narrative. I don’t really have any leader to admire because to harp on a dead person’s contribution to the world is stupid.

Is there any frustration you feel over PSM’s size and impact? Since Dr Jeyakumar and other candidates were soundly defeated in GE14, has the party been reduced to mosquito status?
I joined PSM after the party lost its seat. So I’ve always known PSM as a mosquito-sized party. A blood blowing mosquito instead of a blood sucking one, because at least PSM helps people a bit rather than other giant-sized blood-sucking mosquitos in the government.

Do you see any differences between BN and PH rule?
Well I can say for sure that the both coalition governments were a good source of material for political commentators to write and live off at Malaysiakini.

What can be done to broaden PSM’s appeal, particularly among young people and non-Indians?
I think it’s natural for PSM to be mainly composed of Indians and old people. If PSM wishes to appeal more to youth and non-Indians, they can start by being more of a party, rather than relying on the presence of flip-flop wearing Arul and Salafis Sosialis.

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