Refresh rooftop solar quota to 2,000MW

Demand for rooftop solar has skyrocketed during the Covid-19-induced recession. Barely a week ago, the 500MW rooftop solar quota for Peninsular Malaysia under NEM (2015-2020) was fully exhausted.

Nearly 90% (445MW) was taken within the last 11 months and 30% (150MW) within last one month alone. However, there is a lack of clarity if Perikatan Nasional will continue the rooftop solar program. This uncertainty has left solar panel producers, installers and buyers hanging.

The TNB power grid could accept another 2,000MW of solar installations by 2025 without utility-scale energy storage. Rooftop solar has an economic potential of RM 8 billion. This figure does not include the multiplier effect that will boost economic recovery. Thus the ongoing organic growth of rooftop solar should not be paused.

Hence, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) urges Perikatan Nasional to refresh the solar quota to 2,000MW for 2021-2025 for Peninsular Malaysia with the quota application made available immediately. Malaysia should also prepare to deploy utility-scale energy storage by 2025 to increase solar penetration.

Bureau for Environment & Climate Crisis
Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)
State Secretary
Parti Sosialis Malaysia Negeri Melaka (PSM Melaka)

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