Remove the “I” from IPCC


PSM calls upon the Government to remove the “I” in the name of IPCC (Independent Police Conduct Commission (IPCC)) and just call it Police Conduct Commission(PCC). The PCC can then be kept in the respective police station to replace JIPs. (Police Integrity Department). Basically the current government has butchered the bill so badly, it is better if it is kept in the closet of the respective police departments. All the reasons why we wanted the IPCMC were not at all addressed.

The current amendments to the already watered-down IPCMC proposed by PH are not worth any debate in Parliament. PSM would not waste its time in making complaints since it goes against of the spirit of the Royal Commission set up by the UMNO Government in February 2004 which proposed the original IPCMC as one of its 125 recommendations. It seems the Government has not learned from past mistakes, that in spite of establishing the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) for the same purpose, most people have shunned the EAIC as it is not independent as the proposed IPCMC. Now we are given something worse than the EAIC.

With what is on the table, we would prefer to make complaints to SUHAKAM where we could at least see some form of independence. So please save our money and don’t waste time debating something which has no value or use.

Deputy Chairperson PSM

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