Why men should support equal pay for women

Patriarchy is a form of slavery as men dictate women’s participation and expression in this society. Failure to abide has led to women being shamed, criminalised or abused. Patriarchy remains the oldest discrimination still in existence in human civilisation and it is still at large. Today, patriarchy exists in different forms, such as in the gender pay gap.

Based on Salary and Wages Survey Report 2016, women were paid around 10 per cent to 31 per cent less compared to their male counterparts. The average pay gap between men and women is about 21 per cent. Technically, Malaysian women are working for free for the employers on Friday. The 2017 Global Gender Gap Report ranked Malaysia at 104 out of 144 countries for equal pay.

Men should demand for an equal and fair pay for women as the society shall benefit immensely from equal pay. Improving women’s earnings leads to better quality of life for families and children. Higher family income improves children’s access to nutrition and improves the child’s success rate in life. Subsequently, social ills amongst teenagers and youth could be reduced. Equal wage will allow men to work less and enjoy life better is it reduces the burden on men within the family to over-work to seek greater income.

In 2017, Malaysia’s wages to GDP ratio stands at about 35.2 per cent which is extremely low compared to its peers. The working class receives about RM350 for every RM1,000 economic value while the rest goes to capital owner as profit. Equalising the gender wage gap remains the easiest and fastest way to improve the wage to GDP ratio. Higher remuneration gains by the working class will boost consumption and reduce our dangerously high household debt. 

Undeniably, a small group of people are profiteering by discriminating against women in the workplace in terms of pay. Both men’s wages and the economy will not crash if women’s wages are raised to be equal to men’s. Overall society, including men, will benefit extensively by eliminating the pay gap. Since this problem causes our whole society to lose out, there is no reason for men to remain silent on this issue.


Central Committee
Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)
State Chairperson,Parti Sosialis Malaysia Malacca
(PSM Melaka)

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