Help Parti Sosialis Malaysia build a more equitable nation!

tIt should be clear by now how much Malaysia needs a strong opposition that will ensure the government keeps its promises to the people.

The current two-party system is not working because Barisan Nasional has no clue about how democracy works and its role as the opposition to check the government.

Malaysia needs an alternative narrative to the ‘Coke or Pepsi’ choice that we have today. PSM offers a different, people-centred narrative of what Malaysia can be.

From going to the grassroots to addressing the macro systemic concerns underpinning the problems in the former, PSM has done it consistently since its formation. Today, it has acquired a reputation of being the go-to political party for those facing systemic injustice to seek redress from the powers that be.

However, PSM need funds to continue its important work, which is done largely by volunteers. The party’s main source of funding—its membership fees—is not enough to support the urgent work that needs to be done.

If you want to help Malaysia become a strong democracy and a more equitable society, please donate to PSM.
Your donation will go towards:

• Meetings with stakeholders, from the grassroots to government, on pressing issues such as universal health care, economic inequality, transport, labour, energy, affordable housing, education for all, environment and international trade.
• Seminars and roadshows to raise awareness about the issues.
• Communication materials such as pamphlets and banners.
• Operation costs of the party, which has 21 branches across the country.

Please contribute so that PSM can continue defending the marginalised and standing with communities to fight against injustices. Malaysia cannot prosper when half of us are still struggling to make ends meet.

If you share the same vision, please deposit your contributions to: Parti Sosialis Malaysia Maybank: 512080337313 Branch: Subang Perdana, Subang, Selangor, Malaysia

Any donation you can make will help the only political party that is seriously concerned about wealth inequality ensure that Malaysia does not just give lip service to the Sustainable Development Goals, the core of which is to leave no one behind.

Thank you.

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