International Solidarity Messages to the 24th Annual Congress of PSM

Socialist Alliance, Australia

Warm greetings from Walyalup, or Fremantle. It’s an honour to deliver a message to you on behalf of Socialist Alliance in Australia.

The terrible consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are many. In addition to destroying lives and infrastructure in Ukraine, it has emboldened the major western capitalist powers to build support for war in our part of the world too. While they would certainly like to break Russia, they don’t want to stop there.

NATO’s decision to classify China a “security threat” is a serious one. The Strategic Concept, NATO’s policy and program for the next decade, has declared that China is the main enemy. While we should have no sympathy for Putin’s right-wing, nationalist, pro-capitalist project; and of course support the fight for workers’ democracy in China – the reckless plan by NATO and US imperialism to create a new cold war in our region is extremely dangerous.

In Australia, our ruling class and their servants in parliament are very keen to join the war drive. For us, resisting this military build-up is a central priority.

The next ten years are critical for humanity uniting together to prevent the existential threat posed by runaway global warming.

But it is simply impossible to do this if we spend billions on a new cold war instead.

Popularising the alternatives, a vision for the world and our region based on justice, equality and living in peace with the planet, will require us to share ideas and strengthen international solidarity – not just in declarations but in initiatives that can inspire people into action.

The PSM plays a leading role in this process. Its collaborative approach, working with partners across the region, sets the standard. The south-east Asian Socialism conference which we have been very happy to participate in is an example.

We look forward to further such collaboration, and continuing to learn from the PSM’s dynamic, non-sectarian, democratic and creative attempts to build the left in your country, such as the New Deal for Malaysia initiative.

Dare to struggle, dare to win!

Sam Wainwright
National Co-convenor

Socialist Popular Alliance Party, Egypt

On behalf of my comrades in the Socialist Popular Alliance Party (Egypt), I have the honour to congratulate you on the occasion of the 24th Annual National Congress of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM). This Congress comes at a very crucial time, given the huge challenges resulting from the continuous attempts of imperialist forces to fuel armed conflicts and wars, the mounting global economic crisis, and the savage neo-liberal policies that push millions of people worldwide into the chasm of extreme poverty.

We, in the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, express our genuine solidarity with the PSM in its tireless efforts to fight against all forms of injustice and to build a left alternative for Malaysia. We cordially wish that the PSM Congress will succeed in accomplishing its important tasks, so that the PSM can gain momentum to continue its mission.

Our party shares with the PSM the same commitment to strengthen the struggle for establishing a socialist society, and for ensuring the basic rights of disadvantaged and marginalized communities.

We highly appreciate the fruitful cooperation between our party and the PSM, and look forward to deepen the relations between the two parties in the future.

Long live the solidarity of the peoples of Malaysia and Egypt

Long live the struggle of the peoples for Freedom, Justice, Equality and Human Dignity

Mamdouh Habashi, The Central Commission for International Relations, The Socialist Popular Alliance Party (Egypt)

Europe solidaire sans frontières / Europe in Solidarity Without Borders (ESSF), France

We have known you for many years now and we fully appreciate the qualities of your work and commitment, both in Malaysia and in the region (and beyond), which we report on our website.

We have been happy to be associated with international solidarity campaigns that you have often initiated.

We wish you every success in your 24th Annual National Congress and the best in our continued collaboration.

In solidarity,

Pierre Rousset

Nouveau Parti anticapitaliste / New Anticapitalist Party (NPA), France

We are happy to send you from France this message of solidarity from the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) on the occasion of your 24th congress.

In the difficult global situation that we are all experiencing, we welcome your efforts to develop international links between anti-capitalist organizations, and the responsibility you have taken recently for international actions of solidarity with Myanmar, Kurdish, Sudanese and Ukrainian people against war, repression and multiform oppressions.

More than ever, we believe it is essential to link our struggles and our solidarity at the international level, against the offensives aimed at crushing the peoples and against the imperialist support for these offensives, wherever they come from. Capitalists and chauvinists export their wars, their weapons, their commodities and their capital, but they deny all aspirations to social justice, democratic freedoms, the dignity of peoples and the preservation of an endangered environment.

Dear comrades, we hope that your congress will be fruitful and we are awaiting your analyses and decisions with interest.

The International Secretariat of the NPA

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, India

Revolutionary greetings to the 24th Annual National Congress of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) from the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation.

PSM has been fighting for the cause of the farmers, workers, students, urban poor, etc., who are on the fringes of the Malaysian society. Likewise, CPIML Liberation is also fighting for the cause of the working people, the poor and the downtrodden in India.

Pandemic has devastated the global economy and particularly the economies of developing countries. As a result, more than the economies, it has left a devastating imprint on the lives and livelihoods of the working people of the world. It has resulted in creating an unprecedented crisis of unemployment, huge loss of jobs, drastic decline in wages and earnings, etc. It has accentuated the economic disparities. The rich and powerful have turned the crisis of global COVID-19 pandemic to be an opportunity for themselves to push through the implementation of neo-liberal reforms at a break-neck speed and for unleashing anti-people measures. Similar is the case in Malaysia as well.

CPIML Liberation stands with the struggles of Malaysian people in their relentless fight for a better alternative in the country. CPIML Liberation also noted the “New Deal” for Malaysia proposed by the PSM and its quest for establishing a Left alternative and we appreciate all your efforts in the direction of building an egalitarian and a better society that’s consistently democratic.

In India, we have also been fighting for public health care, free education, affordable housing and against widening disparities, etc. We understand that you are also active on such issues.

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation extends revolutionary greetings once again for the success of the 24th Annual National Congress of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia!

V. Shankar, International Department, Central Committee, CPIML Liberation

Konfederasi Pergerakan Rakyat Indonesia / Confederation of Indonesian People’s Movement (KPRI), Indonesia

Greetings of justice, equality and prosperity,

On behalf of the Konfederasi Pergerakan Rakyat Indonesia / Confederation of the Indonesian People’s Movement (KPRI) conveying warm greetings full of solidarity to all comrades in the Partai Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) at the 15th congress in July 2022. KPRI is an umbrella organization in Indonesia consisting of working people who are members of unions and people’s organizations, such as; trade unions, peasant and farmers, fishermen, indigenous peoples, women, and the urban poor. We fight for the three pillars of struggle; political, economic, and transformative social protection; for the realization of justice, equality and prosperous for working people in the world.

Our beloved PSM comrades,

The world is changing, lately we are faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects, the health crisis, the food crisis, the economic and political crisis, as well as the climate crisis, all of which are part of the crisis of capitalism. The capitalist system has damaged the world order, such as; inequality, wars and massacres, damage to the natural environment, as well as deception, cultural destruction of the world community and so many others.

In addition to the pandemic, the industrial revolution 4.0 and digitalization have also changed the world. Technology is supposed to serve humans, but in reality, it doesn’t, technology actually becomes the new burner of the global capitalist regime. A flexible job market that adds a new oppressed class called the precariat, disguises the employer-employee relationship with the word ‘partner’. However, the practice is still oppressive and still stutters in unionization.

From the difficult situation above, we also show hope and opportunity, the more advanced practices of solidarity between people’s sectors (labor – farmer – fisherman – adat – urban poor), how we can work hand in hand in dealing with the impact of COVID-19 while social protection from the government is not present. In addition to the continued growth of community organizations and unions, the cooperative practices of thousands of communities, including the younger generation. It is cooperatives that we must encourage vis a vis with corporations. Also awareness of new resistances in various forms including culturally. It is the task of the revolutionaries to unite all those who have a vision of resistance to capitalism.

Finally, we, from the KPRI, congratulate the congress of the PSM, hopefully it will produce a strong and revolutionary program and structure that can face an anti-people regime and is capable and strong in taking all opportunities for the victory of the working people.

So, let us continue our struggle and build together to strengthen economic, political and socio-cultural solidarity for the working people starting from our region, Southeast Asia.

Anwar “Sastro” Ma’ruf, Secretary General of KPRI

Partai Rakyat Pekerja / Working People’s Party (PRP), Indonesia

Partai Rakyat Pekerja (PRP, Working People’s Party) send a warmest greeting of solidarity to all comrades in Partai Sosialis Malaysia (PSM, Socialist Party of Malaysia) who are about to hold their 15th congress in July 2022.

This is a crucial year for our common struggle to fight and build socialism in the 21st century.

Workers and the laboring masses are facing prices increases over the coming months. Whilst the rich get richer and richer, millions will be counting the pennies just to stay afloat. This condition is further exacerbated by the ongoing practice of Russian military aggression against Ukraine whose intensity is continuously maintained by the interests of US imperialism through NATO’s provocative role. Not to mention the harsh economic consequences of the epidemic which cause a great deal of uncertainty and suffering among the people.

Fortunately, under these harsh circumstances, the class struggle of the working people started to be intensified. The revolt unfolding everywhere; labor strike and militancy becomes common in many Western capitalist countries like the US, UK, and France. The people in Latin American continue their ongoing struggle of countries continue for deepening their revolution and anti-imperialist struggle through their democratic means for creating a real alternative beyond capitalism.

These are definitely not a time for pessimism but a moment for excitement for us to build socialism in South East Asia. We are aware that right now the ruling capitalist class in this region in the offensive mode against the interest of the working people. However, we are fully conscious that the future of our struggle for socialist alternative will be so much depends on our intervention and the fight back we can organize together with all democratic and left forces against all of those, at national, international and regional level.

All this underscores that the struggle of our comrades in PSM and the working people in Malaysia is a critical front of struggle in the worldwide movement to bring down imperialism and create a new world based on people’s needs. PRP stand shoulder-to-shoulder with PSM in this important fight to build socialism in South-East Asia. Despite some ups and down in communication and common projects, differences, and all things happened, between PRP and PSM, it will never put down the spirit to uphold the solidarity and collaboration. Let us learn from each other and from other revolutionary and democratic left forces around the world.

Long live Rakyat Marhaen of the world!

Long live the struggle for socialist revolution!

Jangan pernah lelah memperjuangkan sosialisme!

Komite Pusat Partai Rakyat Pekerja

Muhammad Ridha, Chairperson

Rizal Assalam, General Secretary

Potere al Popolo! / Power to the People, Italy

We send you our deepest greetings to your annual congress. Capitalism is in a deep crisis all over the world, even this crisis express itself differently from one country to the other: from the worst economic and debt crisis since its independence in Sri Lanka, to the hunger crisis which is touching nearly one in three people in the world above all in the African continent; from the increasing temperatures in India and the draught in the Mediterranean areas, to the destruction of jobs, housing and social rights in the Western countries. Already the pandemic of COVID-19 unveiling the capacity of the bourgeois governments to ensure responses to the basic needs of the people: work, housing, public healthcare, schools, and ecological justice for all. The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military, the militarization of the conflict of Western governments by sending weapons into the war zones, and the global NATO agenda are throwing countries all over the world downright into a war economy. The rising of military expenditures is direct attack on our fundamental social rights. In the world of hunger, they prefer to feed the military-industrial complex instead of financing social programs assuring food to everyone. In the world of social exclusion, they prefer throwing bombs instead of building schools and hospitals. In the world of suffering, they prefer guaranteeing their profits instead of building solidarity and justice. They worsen our lives. But there is a hope. In the five continents of the world, social and political organisations, ordinary working people and unions are taking back their power, recognizing that we all have one global and common enemy, capitalism and imperialism. This leads us to a common strategy that only be a people’s internationalism, an internationalism that means to know each other and to defend and protect each other, an internationalism which means to love our class, to love the poor and working-class people all over the world. In this period, we salute you and wish you all a great and successful national congress. Power to the people!

Maurizio Coppola, National Committee Member of Potere al Popolo!, Secretary of the International Peoples’ Assembly

Madan Bhandari School of Asia, Nepal

We are happy to know that the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) will be holding its 24th Annual National Congress on 15-17 July 2022, in Klang, the state of Selangor, Malaysia. First of all, it is the great pleasure to congratulate all of you, on the auspicious occasion and wish you all the very success of the congress. I would like to extend the warmest greetings and best wishes for the grand success of the national congress of PSM.

Dear Comrade, we are from different countries and tactically apply Marxism to the different contexts of the country and the needs of the people, but we are in the struggle with the vision of Socialism and fighting against imperialism, and neo-liberal capitalism.

We the Socialists, always keep in mind the great spirit of internationalism, the inspiration and support of the international community, fraternal parties, and the working class of the world. We hope to remain actively connected through various meetings and platforms Such as the International People’s Assembly, Madan Bhandari School of Asia, the 21st Century Marxist Research Association, etc.

We are also excited to know that the delegates to the Congress will be discussing issues related to building organizations and the socialist movement in Malaysia. We also congratulate you for your struggles organized around the issues involving contract workers in government premises (schools and hospitals) and small farmers who are facing forced evictions. PSM’s new national campaign to put forward a New Deal for Malaysia consisting of five major pillars: empowering social security, job guarantee scheme, housing human rights, reinforcing public healthcare, and immediate action to tackle the climate crisis seems very important. We express our solidarity and best wishes in your endeavour. 

Once again, I wish grand success of the Congress and would like to convey our warmest greetings to all the delegates to the 24th Annual National Congress of the Party. I also hope that Congress will be successful in analyzing the present conjuncture, drafting concrete tactics accordingly, and moving ahead with the visionary leadership that unifies the working class.

Pramesh Pokharel, General Secretary, All Nepal Peasants Federation / Central Committee Member, Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Socialist) / Coordinator, Madan Bhandari School of Asia

Socialist Party (SP), Netherlands

I would like to send my best wishes to the Socialist Party of Malaysia for your upcoming 24th Congress. We recognize the challenging time the world faces at this moment. More than ever in history there is a need for progressive changes to tackle the unprecedented problem facing working people, the young generation, our ecosystem, and the world as a whole. We are confident that the PSM will lead the way to achieve these changes in Malaysia and will be the inspiration for the people fighting equality, human dignity and freedom across the region. Good luck and all the best.

Arnout Hoekstra, General Secretary

Partido Lakas ng Masa / Party of the Laboring Masses (PLM), Philippines

On behalf of PLM, I extend warm solidarity greetings to the 24th Annual Congress of the Socialist Party of Malaysia

We want to take this opportunity to stress the importance of our relationship with PSM that we consider to be one of our closest collaborators and fraternal parties internationally.

We also want to thank PSM for the solidarity that you have extended to our struggle over the years.

The prompt solidarity that you have demonstrated with our struggle is the result of the closeness of our world view and political outlook — of the type of socialist alternative that we struggle to win support for today.

As the multiple crises of the capitalist system become sharper, resulting in the worst possible acts of environmental and social barbarism, including potential nuclear war as posed in the case of the Ukraine and the proxy war between imperialism led by the U.S. and Russia, the need for a socialist alternative must be struggled for in every possible arena — from the electoral, to the mass movement, to the local — and especially in building our organisations and institutions to promote a socialist alternative.

It was this imperative that motivated PLM to run an independent, socialist ticket on the basis of a transitional socialist platform in the May 2022 national elections.

Despite the massive electoral fraud that saw a Marcos victory, we ran a historic campaign, with national political impact. This is the first time a working-class leader has contested the Presidency. Our platform has won a hearing amongst the masa, especially the youth.

While conducting the electoral struggle, PLM saw the need and importance of linking it up with the broader political struggle, the local mass struggles, and the propaganda and ideological struggle. Realizing that the key to the political struggle is building broad coalitions, we undertook coalition building during the elections with green environment groups around a socialist-green manifesto, and the biggest public sector unions in the country. The coalition included the previous coalitions we had with socialist and democratic forces.

We now face a new ultra-rightist regime led by Ferdinand Marcos Jr, son of the former dictator Marcos, who was installed to presidency through massive vote buying and electronic electoral fraud. This regime is the ultimate outcome of a system of dynasties that marks the capitalist political system in the country for centuries. We face new challenges, but we are determined to carry forward the socialist struggle in the Philippines also in solidarity with the socialist struggles in the region and worldwide.

Mabuhay ang 24th Annual Congress of PSM!

Long live Socialism!

Dare to struggle, dare to win!

Reihana Mohideen, International Secretary of the PLM

Vänsterpartiet / Left Party, Sweden

Following your struggle from afar, we are always inspired by your grassroot organizing and your energy. We wish you all the best with your 24th National Congress and the struggle for a future built on democracy, equality and an economy that works for everyone.

Pål Brunnström, Responsible for International Issues, The Left Party of Sweden

Socialist Workers Thailand

On the occasion of your 24th Annual National Congress on 15-17 July 2022, in Klang, the state of Selangor, Malaysia. We, a Socialist workers organization in Thailand, aims to democratize our country for the prosperity of the working class and fight for equality and freedom for all, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity. We aim to build socialism and oppose all forms of imperialism in this world. We promote democracy and resist dictatorship to the utmost.

We welcome the arrival of the immigrants with the humanitarian principles of international socialism. We hope you will stand together with us in this struggle against global imperialism, the radical reconstruction that will improve the well-being for the people of the lower classes. Together we build a society free from oppression under the Marxist theory and finally to achieve the goal of socialism.

We must build strong alliances and work together for a strong establishment from the bottom up, keep up with the changes in the global situation. We, Socialist Workers Organization Thailand would like to congratulate and wish your Annual National Congress a success in all respects.

Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Vietnam

Warm Revolutionary greetings from the International Department of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union’s Central Committee.

We are pleased to know that, Malaysian youth and Malaysia people have been actively preparing for the 24th Annual National Congress of the Socialist Party of Malaysia. We would like to congratulate the Socialist Party of Malaysia, the youth, and the people of Malaysia on this momentous event. We also want to demonstrate our respect to all Malaysian socialists who devoted their youth and sacrificed for the progressive movement of Malaysia.

The 24th Annual National Congress of the Socialist Party of Malaysia is a remarkable event to remind us about the long march that revolutionary forces have been accomplished for the peace and well-being of the nations, the youth, and the people around the world. We strongly believe that the Congress will undoubtedly become one of the key stages in the forward movement of Malaysia people and will make its significant contribution to the development of socialism in Malaysia and socialist countries. We are certain that with knowledge, experience and dedication, the Socialist Party of Malaysia and the new PSM’s Central Committee will be able to lead Malaysian youth and Malaysian people to further glorious victory. In the next few years, we believe that the Socialist Party of Malaysia will be the key factor driving the peace, stability and prosperity in Malaysia.

In Viet Nam, we will organize the XII National Congress of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in December this year. Under the guidance of the Communist Party of Viet Nam, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union gathers, organizes activities and accompanies with Vietnamese youth in order to promote the role of Vietnamese youth in building and protecting the country, as well as to support them in term of their lives and their careers. The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union unites, encourages and supports HCYU’ members in studying, business start-up and self-establishment, life-skills training; educates HCYU’ members and Vietnamese youth in ideal, tradition, lifestyle and legal awareness; reflects needs and aspiration of Vietnamese youth; proposes advocacies and policies related to Vietnamese youth; and organizes substantial activities to take care of material and spiritual life and protect legal and legitimate rights of Vietnamese youth. Therefore, we hope that in the future, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Viet Nam Youth Federation and the Socialist Party of Malaysia will have certain collaboration, promoting the youth spirits and cooperation between two countries.

Once again, on behalf of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and Vietnamese youth, we would like to wish you the best.

Trinh Thi Mai Phuong, Acting Head in Charge of International Department, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee / Vice President of Viet Nam Youth Federation

Party of the European Left

and Die Linke / The Left, Germany

On behalf of the Party of the European Left I’m forwarding greetings of solidarity to our comrades of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia. We wish you fruitful debates and good decisions. We hope that your congress will strengthen your party in our common fight for social justice, democracy, peace and a green socialist future.

Pandemic continues to determine our working and living conditions and causes escalation of the economic, social and political crisis. Covid-19 has demonstrated that national governments are ill-equipped to deal with a global health crisis, and highlighted the importance of public services and international solidarity: We all have the right to a cure. The vaccines and treatments are a global public good and must be freely accessible to everyone.

The cost of essential goods rises faster than it has in decades. Our public services, health care and housing are not sufficient after years of austerity and neoliberal policy. A study published by Oxfam estimates that 263 million more people could be pushed into extreme poverty only this year, due to the combined impact of COVID-19, inequality and food and energy price inflation – accelerated by the war in Ukraine. Our problems today are global, and need solutions based on international solidarity, advocacy for peace and disarmament. But the most, we need to change the way we produce. A socio-ecological transformation is a question of survival for all humanity.

Your party drafted an ambitious plan for recovery for Malaysia. The document framing the New Deal for Malaysia is inspiring and puts the very important challenge of the climate crisis at its core. We are currently experiencing economic, social, and political upheaval on a global scale because of climate change. The capitalist form of production is not socially or environmentally sustainable. A drastic reduction of CO2 Emission is necessary. Therefore the concept of a Socio-Ecological Transformation is an answer to the requirement and it’s a key component of the Party of the European Left’s strategy as well. We believe that the Left Green New Deal needs to combine the issues of climate with the social question, and must become the common ground of cooperation with progressive social movements, the trade unions and above all, the international left forces.

Once again, I wish you a successful congress and fruitful debates.

Heinz Bierbaum, President of the Party of the European Left / Head of the International Commission of DIE LINKE

Progressive International

The struggle for socialism has never been more urgent. For the first time in the history of capitalism, the global economic centre of gravity is shifting away from its Atlantic axis. The unipolar moment is ending, and peoples and nations across the Third World once again find opportunities to defy the rules of an economic system rigged in favour of a small number of imperialist states.

The countries of the so-called West are in decline. As their hegemony wanes, they become more belligerent. In Europe, where I write from, the incapacity of governments to address the great crises of our time — from climate change and hunger to pandemic and inflation — now finds its outlet in a blind drive towards self-destruction and war. No doubt, these forces will continue to set their sights on states and peoples that seek paths of development alternative to the neoliberal world order.

An important lesson from the history of socialist struggle is that capitulation to these forces is a dead end. Their demands — for the people’s subordination, for the people’s immiseration, for the people’s complicity — stand at odds with the imperative of socialists to build a world of dignity. Too many on the left today find themselves drifting away from the people and towards the politics of elite interests. Every such surrender is another dispossessed peasant, hungry child or uncured patient.

That is why the principled work of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia is so important. Your commitment to building a party for the masses — one opposed to the scourges of neoliberalism and imperialism — gives hope not just to the working people of Malaysia. It gives hope to the oppressed and downtrodden around the world. Every national victory against the imperialist and capitalist world order represents a defeat for the capacities of international capital to extract, exploit and impoverish. Every victory for socialists opens a path of progress for all humanity.

On your 24th Congress, I send you strength and solidarity as you build your party and movement and advance the crucial agenda of a New Deal for Malaysia. As the world careens between the promise of socialism and regression into barbarism, your great strength is that you stand on the side of the future.

Paweł Wargan, Coordinator of the Secretariat, Progressive International

International Peoples Assembly

Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Socialist), Nepal

Workers Party of Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Mazdoor Kissan Party, Pakistan

Delighted to learn that the Parti Sosialis Malaysia will convene its 24 th Annual National Congress, in Klang, the state of Selangor, Malaysia, the Asian Secretariat of the International Peoples Assembly wishes to extend to you our warm congratulations and solidarity greetings.

With a history of over two decades, the Parti Sosialis Malaysia has been an important player in raising the voices for the grassroots organisations, to fight against injustices and building a left alternative in the political arena of Malaysia. PSM has been committed to exploring a path to socialism, to strengthen the struggle against imperialism and the global capital system. We believe that the forthcoming National Congress will lead the Parti Sosialis Malaysia to make bigger contribution to put forward a New Deal for Malaysia consisting of five major pillars: empowering social security, job guarantee scheme, housing a human right, reinforcing public healthcare, and immediate action to tackle the climate crisis.

The Asian Secretariat of the International Peoples Assembly looks to deepen exchanges and cooperation with the Parti Sosialis Malaysia through the sharing and mutual learning about neoliberal onslaught in the region and on the ways to resist and strengthen the left forces to advance our fight for socialism.

We wish the forthcoming Congress a complete success!

Asian Secretariat
International Peoples Assembly

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