Smart Meter Myths

by Sharan Raj

There are widespread misconceptions regarding the TNB Smart Meter project that need to be debunked.

Design in Dystopia

by Nicholas Foo.
The capitalist system inhibits good design and engineering

Balan’s Unfulfilled Wish – When Our Support System Fails

by S. Arutchelvan Just before 10pm, the health condition of Balan deteriorated. They had barely rushed him out of his house when, it appeared to family members that he had breathed his last. This was later confirmed by the Seremban General Hospital when they certified that he died of germs infection at 10pm. Tina, PSM’s…

PH One Year Performance Self-Inflicted

S. Arutchevan When Mahathir was asked how Anwar got his Black eye in 1998, Mahathir said it was self-inflicted by Anwar himself. Now if you asked me how was PH performance in the last one year. I would say it was self-inflicted. Is there a remedy? Of course there is, as long as PH starts…

Race and Religion In the Left

By Arveent Kathirtchelvan Being in a leftist party in Malaysia, it is expected to receive brickbats from those who choose a political platform steeped in race and religion. Such is the pervasive nature of identity politics in Malaysia that both the current governing coalition and opposition are always either skirting around the issue or outrightly…

Third party politics is hard, but still worthwhile.

By Darren Ong I got to participate in an election campaign for the first time in the recent by-election in Semenyih. I was handing out fliers in a night market where Parti Sosialis Malaysia candidate Nik Aziz was making the rounds. There had been a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm among our volunteers. PSM…